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Do you want to start your own label?

The most frequent question we get asked via email, Instagram and Facebook is "how did you start?". I'm here to give you 4 tips on start ups.

#1. Finding your niche.

The first step - find where you fit in. What are your interests? Your passions? Once you have something in mind, who will be your competition? Can you solve problems in this niche? Do your research and make sure that you have a interest in what you choose to produce! You'll never work a day in your life if you love what you do.

#2. Influencer Marketing.

Influencer Marketing is the most beneficial marketing technique that we use here at Ninety Sixth Street. What most people forget when reaching out to Influencers is that they are also human - so make sure you don't treat Influencers like a marketing robot. Don't only introduce your product, introduce yourself and your story. Don't slide into those DM's unless you know how to relate to the person you're reaching out to!

#3. 99 "No's" and 1 "Yes". Dealing with Rejection!!

Yep. Rejection is REAL and can also be super frustrating. Something you need to prepare for before starting your own business, is that not everyone is going to be on your side. Some people are rude, disrepecful and straight up won't like your products. Be prepared for honest opinions and remember that 99 people may say no, but all you need is that one person to say yes to change your entire brand.

#4. Customer Relationships.

One of the most important factors is making sure you build trustworthy relationships with your customers. You need to have outstanding communication skills and reward your loyal customers when you should. Don't be greedy - giving back to customers is the best feeling of running a business.

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