Let's take it back to New York City in 2014. 

18 year old me wandering the streets of the concrete jungle, stumbled across the busiest two-way street on the Upper East Side and Upper West Side sections of the New York City borough of Manhattan (yep, 96th St). 

Coming from a small(ish) town, I could feel the rush of the people in the street. It felt like time was passing by so fast yet it had only been 5 minutes. 

Standing in 40-degree heat in a built up city, I wished for one thing....the beach!

Born as a water baby I found it only fitting to create this brand around something that makes me happy, hoping that my happiness and love for the ocean can spread to you. Ninety Sixth Street is about taking a break from this busy two-way street that we also happen to call life. It is also about diving in head first with confidence. I wanted to keep my brand as real as possible by using real people, telling real stories and embracing every body shape. I hope you love my new collection and I can't wait for you all to feel amazing when wearing NSS. 


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